What to Do with that Bathroom?

There is at least one bathroom in every home that never seems to be organized, never has enough space, and is poorly lit. Before spending a small fortune on a complete renovation, and before giving up on getting organized, try a few simple ways to maximize space and add lighting in even the smallest of bathrooms.

Start with Half Baths

A half bathroom consists of a toilet and a sink. There may be a cabinet under the sink, but space is limited. These are typically placed in the basement, off the kitchen or entrance to the home, and even under a staircase. They are convenient and very useful if there is a big family.


The biggest problem in half baths is the lighting. There may not be a way to add central lighting, and there may not be enough wall space for sconces. Consider lighted bathroom vanity mirrors.

They can be purchased online or custom made, and they fit above the sink. The lighting is built into the mirror so there are no unsightly light bulbs going down the sides of the mirror. Soft but bright light will illuminate the whole bathroom.


The only items essential in a half bathroom are soap, toilet paper, and a hand towel. A stylish basket under the sink will provide enough space for those items. If a basket will not fit, add a small shelf to the wall. A vertically placed towel rack will fit into narrow spaces and effectively hold a hand towel.

Full Bathrooms

Maximizing the space within the bathroom vanities is the answer here. There are multiple ways to address clutter and get organized long-term. A custom vanity is an option. Customers can indicate the number of drawers they need or want, and the types of drawers desired. Keep in mind that the bigger and more complex the vanity, the higher the cost.

Organize an existing vanity with drawer divider systems. Adjustable panels can separate items to reduce clutter. Separating that drawer into sections makes it easier to find the hair brush in the morning, or the shaving equipment. It is also possible to add a top tier to wide and deep drawers to maximize space.


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